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Lockdown Remedies Pt 4

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Last time on the blog we took a brief interlude from Lockdown Remedies to cover Superbowl LV. For those of you who aren’t fans of sport, fear not, we are heading back into the murky waters of lockdown. However, this will be my final word on Lockdown and my various remedies to combat it.

Before I dive into it though, let us all take a moment to reiterate for the last time that all Lockdown experiences are different. There are undoubtedly many people who have endured worse than I, and perhaps there are some who haven’t. Whatever your trials and tribulations may be or have been, I hope you can find some solace in what I have to say.

So what is this final piece of wisdom I have to impart I hear you ask? Well, in the words of Paul Weller; that’s entertainment.

Yes! Entertainment. Entertaining oneself or others, or to be entertained even is my last Lockdown Remedy and perhaps my most important. Or equally important to all that has gone before I haven’t decided yet, but it is important, I can tell you that much. Films, TV, Quizzes and Cinema, they’re all vital to alleviating the boredom of Lockdown and I shall break down how they have done so for me.

First of all, Quizzes (chiefly of the Pub Variety) have long been an enjoyable pastime of mine and with the closure of Pubs during Lockdown, my Quizzing outlet had been taken away. Enter the majesty of the internet. I think we can all safely say we have heard of Zoom (other video meeting software is available), the internet is rife with apps allowing us to connect via the computer screen. This has been vital. I’ve spent countless hours connecting with friends all over on Zoom and it is the most appropriate tonic for avoiding the Lockdown doldrums. Stay connected I urge you, you’ll feel ten times better for it. Zoom is also great for Quizzes! During the first and second Lockdowns, my Sister’s work colleague Mike took it upon himself to host a weekly pub quiz. It was the perfect antidote to the absence left by Pub Quizzes and being a weekly affair gave me and my family something to look forward to. The Quiz obsession spilt into my social life with friends, everyone loves a good quiz and the Internet has facilitated that the World over. Imagine Lockdown in a World before the Internet, I dread to think. So, a big chunk of my Lockdown Remedy of Entertainment falls into the category of Quizzing, and just socialising via the Internet, is the perfect way to get a smile on your face.

Moving on…

What would we all do without Netflix? Or TV in general. 2020 heralded the year that the Cinema entered the Living Room (a discussion I’m very much torn about and will discuss at length on a later date) and year on year we are seeing more and more TV and Film content being beamed into our homes. I found myself returning to old favourites, binge-watching new shows, watching live sport and so much more during Lockdown. If ever there was a need to bung the tele on, Lockdown is it. Also, The Undoing damn well nearly made my year in 2020, go check it out when you’ve got a minute. Actually, do it right now, it is one of the best TV Dramas out there. In actual fact, bung anything on, you’ve earned it, kick back and relax in front of the tele and enjoy.

My final nugget of advice regarding the pleasures of entertainment falls around the Movie Theatre. This may seem odd as for most of Lockdown the Cinema has been firmly closed. However, there was a brief moment of time when they were open and I noted many pleasurable details about experiencing the Cinema amidst the ‘new normal.’ First off, out of all the hospitality venues that re-opened last summer when restrictions were lifted, the Cinema felt the most ‘Covid Secure.’ There was plenty of open space, hand gel stations were everywhere and there was social distanced seating taking place in all cinema screens (I can only account for the Odeon BH2 Cinema in Bournemouth as that is where my experience is based). There was one catch to Cinema-going last summer though, there weren’t any new screenings being shown! Thanks to Lockdown, many Film Studios have pushed back their release schedule, leaving only the underwhelming Tenet (might get round to explaining that one at some point) to grace Summer Movie Screens. What filled the void though was utterly delightful. My chosen Cinema elected to screen old favourites. I watched The Dark Knight, The Philosophers Stone and The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen. Each viewing was the most wonderful thing, for the first two it reminded me why I love those films so much, and for the latter, it allowed me to see a film that I’d only previously watched on the small screen. So what I think I’m trying to say is this; as soon as you are able, head over to your local Cinema, the business needs your help, and the excitement of watching Films on the Big Screen will have a great impact on you as well.

I think that’s a nice place to sign off, so there you have it, a completion to my Lockdown Remedy Saga. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Stay happy and healthy everyone.


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